Wo ist der Abo Button

Ich habe mir die Android Version auf ein Mobiltelefon installiert (aus Google Play).
Jetzt finde ich nicht wie ich das Abo abschließen kann,
Ich würde halt schon gerne alle Funktionen benutzen wollen.

wahrscheinlich liegt es am Alter (58)

Gruß Kalle

I installed the android version on my mobile.
But I can not find how to get the pro features (how to pay the abo).
I would like to use all features.

Greez Kalle

You can use the menu “Subscriptions”.
The subscription window opens where you can select a subscription.
Then follow the Google Play instructions on screen (needs internet).

More details exist in documentation:

Eigentlich nicht zu übersehen:

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Da hatte ich schon geschaut, und vermutet es würden nur bereits abgeschlossene Abo`s angezeigt.

Internetverbindung habe ich per WLAN, funktioniert auch weil das Installieren geht auch.

GOOGLE Play Fehler ??

Google Play (with an active Google Account) gets locally the subscriptions from Google servers.
Then apps ask Google Play for the available subscriptions to display them.

(these external processes require an active internet connection)

Your screen shows that Google Play subscriptions do not work properly on your device.

What device and Android?
Is it a custom Android rom?
How did you install the app?

  • Device HUAWEI SCL-L21 Y6
  • Android 5.1.1
  • @ devemux86 Is it a custom Android rom? No changes on the Mobile, set it back to factory settings before
  • Installed the APP from my Google Play Account.
    (If I use another Mobile (Android 11) and same account it works.

This is a very old Android.

If device manufacturer does not update Android
or Google does not update Google Play app and Google Play services,
then maybe that Google Play cannot connect and find any subscriptions.

Probably because its Google Play app / Google Play services are updated.

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Thank you,

I Updated everything which was possible.
because of the set back to factory settings it took a while to get all the updates.

Now it works.


Indeed, after a factory reset, we must first update all of Google’s apps and services
and then start installing our apps.

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In recent years what I noticed is that often it helps to empty the cache of both the play store app and the google play services. You can do that in the settings menu, under “Apps”, and then by clicking on each of those apps, then selecting “storage” and emptying the cache

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