Wish for the future: Map view 2D north up in navigation

I would like to use such a view.

The own position should be in the middle of the map.

And if possible - the tip of the arrow (marker) should be placed at own position (as possible in K2, there is a discussion about that in forum - as soon as I have found it, I will paste a link here)

Edit: I am quite sure, that there was a discussion with explanation - up to now I could not find it. But I found the request in old Google group in 2018:


The explanation seems to be only in old Google group linked above - I copy my answer here (might be that not all current users are in that Google group)

I think there is a misunderstanding:
As far as I understood the suggestion is not to use an other icon, but to place the icon (an arrow) in an other way:
Not the center of tbe arrow marks the current position, but the tip of the arrow.
Disadvantage of placing the center of the arrow on current position: The tip of the arrow covers (hides) the part of the map you will enter soon.
This can be solved by placing the tip of the arrow on current position.
Of course then the tail of the arrow will cover (hide) the part of the map where you just have been - but this part is usually less important.
Remark: Usually also Garmin navis place the center of the arrow at current positions, but in the WWW you can download other vehicle icon files, so that the arrow tip is placed at current position (I also did this for my Garmin navis and I appreciate it). I will try to create screenshots to show the difference.
Perhaps this would be a good solution: Users can store vehicle icon files in a certain folder from kurviger app and choose inside the app which icon to use…

And the screenshots:

attached you find screenshots with several zooms and center/tip located arrows to show the advantage of arrow tip at current position.
Sorry - It is not as easy as I thought to bring the garmin (in simulation mode) to a position that shows the advantage - my experience is that you get the maximum advantage at small roads with many crossings / turns.
I tried to demonstrate it when entering a roundabout.

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I definitely agree and this is my wish. The more so that the white circle in the current version is rather pointless (I know, it’s a placeholder :slight_smile:)

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Thanks for the proposal 2D is one of the next things that is on our todo. Fixed north should be doable in the next time as well :slight_smile:.