Will Not Route over FERRY route

I cannot route over PEEL FERRY in Arkansas, USA. I have attempted “Via” points at each end of the Ferry, On the Ferry route, and plotted two via points on the Ferry route. It will not route on the Ferry route. The map shows a dotted line representing the Ferry Route. The map legend even says, “Peel Ferry”, but it refuses to allow this route. The mapping system runs around the Ferry route rather than over or on the Ferry Route. Anyone know how to convince the map to use the Ferry?

There was a bug in OSM data: The ferry line was not connected to road on shore. I fixed it:

It should work in a few days, when the kurviger OSM database has been updated. You can see the date of the database on kurviger website:


The kurviger OSM database has been updated, routing over peel ferry works:

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Same problem here in routing from Edmonds to Kingston Ferry Terminals in Washington State.


Perhaps the problem is the branch in the water:


The ferry route must not branch in the water, so it must always be drawn to the ferry dock. This is important for routing to work correctly.

What a silly limitation :frowning: That means if you have an on- and off-ramp separately as in this case you always have to draw two full routes going across the water? Well we should probably not have that discussion here, but in the OSM forum instead…

One other thing I see is that only motorcar is tagged for access “yes”, not motor_vehicle or motorcycle as we usually do. Does Kurviger understand motorcar?

I think yes, at least in the sence that it does not include motorcycles. :stuck_out_tongue:
motorcar has more than 2 wheels.

Edit: I have changed motorcar to motor_vehicle


Haha yeah that’s kinda what I meant, does Kurviger interpret motorcar as 2 axles or smaller :sweat_smile:
On second thought… probably better if it doesn’t. There’s probaly some absurd ferry out there that transports cars but for whatever legal reason doesn’t transport bikes

But yeah, we’ll see in a couple of days whether it does

It actually makes a lot of sense to have separate lines in this instance. Otherwise you have crossings on the sea that might not be possible. So in the example you could calculate a route from one ramp to the other using the ferry and have the ferry turn around where the two ferry lines meet. That is not an option in the real world though :slight_smile:.

Most routing rules are described here BTW: There was an issue during the route calculation or navigation, what can I do about it? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]


RTFM, thanks

Kurviger uses a ferry if the tags are either motorcycle=yes or motor_vehicle=yes

In that case the motorcar change by linux will fix this issue without redrawing the ferry line

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Works :+1:

Works too :wink: - but only with additional shaping point :

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