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Will Not Route over FERRY route

I cannot route over PEEL FERRY in Arkansas, USA. I have attempted “Via” points at each end of the Ferry, On the Ferry route, and plotted two via points on the Ferry route. It will not route on the Ferry route. The map shows a dotted line representing the Ferry Route. The map legend even says, “Peel Ferry”, but it refuses to allow this route. The mapping system runs around the Ferry route rather than over or on the Ferry Route. Anyone know how to convince the map to use the Ferry?

There was a bug in OSM data: The ferry line was not connected to road on shore. I fixed it:

It should work in a few days, when the kurviger OSM database has been updated. You can see the date of the database on kurviger website:


The kurviger OSM database has been updated, routing over peel ferry works:

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