Wie weit ist die neue APP

Hi, does someone knows meanwhile, how it will go on with the App? My last Info was, that it will be ready at the Begiin of the new Season. But now the Season is soon 3 Month old. What`s about the ABO, Offline-use and so on. Are there any News?

Hello and a little tip. Just read the posts here, because it’s all in the forum.

Thank you for your “little tip”.
But your answer is not helpfull and therefore superfluous.
With answers like these, I no longer feel using a forum.
Maybe, it’s my fault, that I didn’t find the answer here, but then, you can also help reasonably.
Thank you

Then I’ll help you since you can’t find it. :wink:

i already know this area, but I had hoped, that someone already had more detailed Information

Well, here you can read the current state of the app
If you have a Tourer subscription for the website you can use it with all features of Tourer.
Limitations can be found here: current BETA state

Currently the app is still free of charge, so just give it a try!
I would say, the App does not have all of the features of Kurviger 2.x, but it is usable.