Why the road not complete

When the road has curves, it gives a new way
Thank you

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.
What I can see from your screenshot is, that you have way too many waypoints on a short distance.
~10 waypoints per 100km should be enough.
Could you please share your route example?
The “share button” on App or website.

ganz verstehe ich nicht, was du meinst.
Auf deinem Screenshot fällt auf, dass Du viel zu viele Wegpunkte auf der kurzen Strecke hast.
Kannst Du bitte Dein Routenbeispiel teilen?
Den Knopf für “Route teilen” gibt es in der App und auch auf der Webseite.


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Could this be related to this?
i.e. you have selected ‘nearest point on route’ and ignore the route many times in series? :thinking:
What is your setting for rerouting?
setting | navigation | recalculation)?
(Einstellungen | Navigation | Routen-Neuberechnungsmodus)?

Just guessing

Thank you Manfred
I imported gpx file when I drive .App make a new Way point!
Hab Gpx importiert und die App fährt nicht die original Route .Hab alles versucht von den Einstellungen aber geht nicht
for.gpx (325.2 KB)

When I import your “.gpx” I get the following route
The dashed red line is your original .gpx track and the blue line is what Kurviger makes out of it.

Thats how I did the Import:

  • show track as overlay
  • reduce the number of waypoints to 5 (because it is a short route)
    usually ~10 waypoints per 100km should be sufficient.

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How can the program follow only the red line
Why Kurviger makes out of it

That’s the difference between track and route

Kurviger converts your track (your sample .gpx contains only a track) into a route.

This is the imported route https://kurv.gr/XDA5C (see above)
You can add additional waypoints to fine tune your route: https://kurv.gr/UsCFR