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Why does Kurviger not use this street in southern Norway?

Calling on all of our OpenStreetMap pros, can you tell me what is wrong with the main path of the E134 here?

I already added motor_vehicle:yes to all the respective segments and waited until the DB has refreshed. I also checked the turn limitations, there are none set.

Note also that Kurviger does not like the rest of the road either, the routing becomes sensible again only at the point where the dual carriageway becomes one road again, after this segment here:

So I suspect that this has something to do with the one-way attribute, maybe in combination with some turn limitations that I don’t see?

This road is a bit tricky, because it’s a oneway, so if a part of the oneway is not accessible, the rest becomes inaccessible as well. Here is a motor_vehicle=no

BTW: adding explicit motor_vehicle=yes, should not be necessary for roads that are accessible to motor_vehicles by default. (it doesn’t hurt either, just saying)

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wow what a tiny little stretch, thanks, that should do the trick!
Edit: confirmed, it worked, road is in use now

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