Which maps available on kurviger pro

Hi,I am considering purchasing the kurviger pro app on android.
when using the desktop app there are 13 different types of map available.
Which of these are available on the kurviger pro app

You can download the app and check them all.
(online maps are free)

However, it is recommended to use offline maps:

Thanks I checked it out , unfortunately the best map esri streets is NOT included in the drop down list.esri streets is excellent as it shows unpaved roads as an actual road ,not as a dotted line.in addition it could be confusing if the unpaved road turns out only to be a hiking path! Unless there is a solution to this the app is not as good as Google maps in this respect which is a pity as the " stop rerouting" button on kurviger is a very good idea.
Finally for those who refer to the " use offline" as being the best way I disagree entirely.A cellphone uses data to help fill in the blanks and cell tower triangulation also.if mobile data is switched off and offline mode used location suffers.i ride off road A LOT so this is important

ESRI license does not allow the use of their maps in navigation apps.
It seems they don’t trust their maps, good for display but not use them.

Based on their license, it is strange that they still exist in the website.

With offline maps we can use external map styles and customize the rendering:

Maybe if select the “Google” as location service in app location settings.

However, many users prefer the “Android” location service for a pure GPS experience.

Nothing beats offline solutions in mobile apps.
There is never good internet when be outside.

Otherwise everyone can use Google Maps and be happy. :wink: