Which map is used in the online version of kurviger.de

I am lucky and can spend some time in greece. Currently I am testing Kurviger Pro against Sygic paid against Here Maps. And comparing everthing against my current favourite Locus - which cannot route.

So far Kurviger Pro has pretty much the same map quality as Here or Google Maps. But that is only when I am using Kurviger in my browser. Offline with Greece.map either from Geofabrik or OpenAndroMaps I do not see the road I’d like to route over.

From: 38.096724,22.530835
To: 38.09848,22.51708

Online I can route,physically I can drive, offline I do not see the road.

So my question to all the experts is: what map is used in the online version and where can I download it.


Thanks for the question.

The reason why this road does not appear offline is that it’s too new in the data. Our offline maps are updated about once per month. This road has been created (in OSM) 24 days ago. This road should be visible in the new map files that should be usually released within the next two weeks.

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