Where to get Kurviger TourCodes?

I am Kurviger user since 2 years and I am very happy with this app. I planned several tours at my PC and drove it with my mobil at the bike. It is nearly perfect. I know the features ‘TourCode’ and ‘short URL’. Some short URLs could be found e.g. at the website motorradstrassen.de.

But could I access planned tours from other users? And if so, how does it work?

Such a feature is given at the app ‘Komoot’. Everybody could make his routes free for use and others could use it.

Does this existe in kurviger too? Thanks for answers.


Yes. I have planned several tours. But HOW to share them? At this forum? Really?


Also a lot of good stuff over here: https://blog.kurviger.de/

Yes, that is the main way we usually share routes. If you know of a better place then let us know :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the blog is only in German.

deepl.com helps :slight_smile: