Where are my routes in the Android app?

Hi, I’m new here, but I can’t figure out for the life of me, to find my routes that I made / saved in the website https://kurviger.de/

I tried the sharing function, but I can not share it to a Whatsapp account, nor can I send it to my phone, only download the FILE to the computer, and then copy it to the phone, that’s just silly… lot’s of work I wanted to avoid with this app. If it doesn’t work, I need my payment back…

Please help, this is the only thing I wanted this app for, but I can’t find my routes in the Android app…!!

I am logging in with my google account on the website (PC) as well as in the app…

Until now there is no synchronization of routes between website and app.
The easiest way is to use a cloud storage like dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,…


Transfer: Transfer a Route within Kurviger or Save it for Later Use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Übertragung: Eine Route innerhalb von Kurviger übertragen oder für die spätere Verwendung speichern [Kurviger Knowledgebase]


That’s just stupid! :-1:

I bought the Pro App to simply set out a bunch of nice routes with places to visit, B&B’s, camp sites, nice restaurants etc from my comfy home pc, only to discover I can’t even load them from the app, even when I saved them on KURVIGER website’s route creator?!?!?!

I have to create files to download by email to my phone?!?!?

COME ONE GUYS, that’s so 1999!!!

This is 2021…

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I can’t use the word stupid? Sorry, it’s silly? Better…?

Because it is “2021”, it is a waste of resources for any platform to invest time to
implement low quality custom cloud solutions when there are already many free
advanced ones, like Google Drive, to synchronize desktop and mobile storage.

It is too much work to implement custom cloud sync with folders, search, sort…
All this is already available in all free cloud services.

Even if sync ever comes into the app, it will be with an expensive subscription.
(see Locus Map prices)

The focus must be on missing (non duplicate) features.


Some people moan that they absolutely need offline routing.
Others moan that they need online storage.
I bet, sooner or later you get the 2021 solution you are begging for.


I believe we ALREADY store our routes in the KURVIGER cloud when we save a route in the web version of the route creator? But in the APP we cannot retrieve it from this cloud? I think that’s stu… oh wait, sorry, silly.

When I am in the KURVIGER PRO app, I cannot retrieve the file from this cloud, oh no, I need to download a file to the computer, upload it to my PERSONAL cloud, and then download it to the phone, and then open it in KURVIGER APP.

Sorry, but if this is what you mean, then it’s a dumb solution in this day and age. Period.

It would be a very simple operation to let the APP check for my routes in the KURVIGER cloud. That’s just a fact.

Hallo Dirk,
dein Ton bringt dich nicht weiter. Eventuell mal kurz innehalten. Die Lösung ist so simpel, das ich nicht gedacht hätte diese hier erklären zu müssen.

Step 1: Am PC den Ordner mit deine Touren, (ja die müssen einmal aus der Webseite Exportiert werden) Rechte Maustaste mit GoogleDrive synchronisieren.

Step 2: Handy nehmen und aus der GoogleDrive App den Ordner zum Startbildschirm hinzufügen.

Step 3: Kurviger Datei anklicken und im KurvigerApp öffnen.

Das schafft jeder.

Hello Dirk,
Your tone is getting you nowhere. Maybe pause for a moment. The solution is so simple that I didn’t think I would have to explain it here.

Step 1: On the PC, synchronise the folder with your tours (yes, they have to be exported once from the website) with GoogleDrive using the right mouse button.

Step 2: Take your mobile phone and add the folder to the start screen from the GoogleDrive app.

Step 3: Click on the Kurviger file and open it in the Kurviger app.

Anyone can do this.


I have never used the Kurviger Cloud and never will. Actually, I didn’t understand why a special data store was created in the first place. In my opinion, a navigation system does not need a database. This is similarly important as the display of the maximum lean angle.
Again just my 2 cents …


You’re getting out of hand here!
The required cloud already exists in other motorcycle navigation apps. Why don’t you get it and stop attacking the great developers here?


First of all, I have no intention to annoy or attack anyone.

If KURVIGER files are in the CLOUD already, why do all the hassle to bring it to ANOTHER cloud?? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

If the APP can load the file from Google drive, Onedrive or local storage, then loading the file into the app from the KURVIGER cloud is just the logical step, it seems to me that it is just a little effort from the developpers to make the app so much more attractive.

The app is GREAT, and the web route designer as well, but in my ipinion the combination is just incomplete.

That would make it less hassle, thanks for the tip, but…

Where can I tell the web routing design to store the file in my Google Drive? I can ONLY store the route in KURVIGER cloud as far as I can see.

Is there some setting where I can tell to store the file elsewhere?

exporting your route initiates a download into the corresponding directory (specified in your browser). This of course could already be in Google Drive.
I move the file then in the appropriate motorcycle-tour-directory (in my case in dropbox) - my tours are sorted by date and often enough (especially in 2020/2021) the dates are changing:


@dirkzelf : The idea is not new :wink:, if you enter “app cloud” in the search function here in the forum (perhaps there is a better search phrase) you get several hits concerning this topic, which give you further information.

As probably most people have recognized I am not a native speaker in english (and also not very sensitive :innocent:), but to be “save” I would recommend to prevent words like “stupid” and “silly” - they might offend people, even if that was not intended.


I don’t like politics, but I’ll comply. Silly and stupid are out the door.


Thanks, I’ll look into that.


I can of course export directly to Google Drive or OneDrive from the web design page, but I can NOT load them from within the Kurviger app.

What strikes me most is the fact that we actually CAN load the file DIRECTLY from the Kurviger Cloud, IF YOU KNOW the SHORT LINK of the top of your head!

Why not just add a list of shortlinks linked to my account in the APP? That would make things SO much easier, and again, I don’t believe it is difficult at all to implement that.

Or maybe only save the short links that we loaded in the app before… I’m an old dude :rofl: and I can’t remember all those short links from memory.

Now please understand, I’m not a developer but this type of sync should be a nobrainer to all involved.

Other apps have that implemented, why not Kurviger… I really don’t understand. And it is such a nice app!

Tell you how I do it in DropBox (should be very similar to xxxxDrive):
In Android I open the DropBox-App, navigate (sic!) to the needed .kurviger-File and open it - once saying “always open with” opens directly the kurviger APP. That’s it!


Thanks, I tried that of course myself, but loading my Onedrive files takes painstakingly long. I have over 600 GB there. It’s really a deal breaker for me this hassle. I’m going to look elsewhere. Thanks everyone for the tips, unfortunately it couldn’t persuade me to stay. 10 euro down the drain… Have GREAT rides everyone!