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What to do when Kurviger won't follow a road?


FANTASTIC app by the way. THANK YOU!

However… I am trying to plan a route in northern Thailand. Normally Kurviger works perfectly, BUT, it won’t navigate all of the way along a road - as though the road didn’t exist! See the problem at: https://kurv.gr/LJJ82

BTW, I have created many other routes and share them in our Facebook Group “Chiang Mai Motorcycle Riders”. here’s a link to all of the routes I have created:



trying to localize the problem to the last 100m: https://kurv.gr/ne0Ai and switching to OSM https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1280317505#map=18/17.97887/100.34476&layers=D you can see, that there is a blocking army checkpoint.

If you are sure that passing that point is possible, you - or someone else - could correct it in OSM …sorry, I am not familar enough with OSM to be able to modify the army chaeckpoint in a correct way :frowning:

But from my point of view - as in many cases with many navigation systems - the problem is caused bý the map data, not by the navigation system.




At least on Google Streetview this does not look like a blocking obstacle :smiley:.

@JimShortz can you verify that the local situation looks like on Google Streetview?