What information is in the US-West database?

The routing in my area looks very good, but the roads are at the narrow/slow end of what I would use for a big trip. If I knew what parameters were in the database, perhaps I could adjust my settings to choose slightly faster routes? I don’t want to end up with 400 miles of 30mph roads to get to my next overnight stop, but I don’t mind 3x 20 miles of 30mph roads throughout the day, if I also have 300 miles of 75mph roads.

(I am riding from PDX to ABQ [about 1400 miles per Google Maps] in June, and I would like to take ~3-4 days for each direction.)

no problem, if you have the website subscription, then you can also display the data that Open street map knows.

The route goes through my favorite landscapes in US…
Have fun


Ah, neat, thanks! It would be wonderful to have number of lanes and pavement condition too, but probably hard to collect. Maybe the app could be modified to get vibration, speed and other info. Pictures would be awesome, too.

I’m not familiar with OSM includes, but with the right mouse button you can jump to OSM and Google maps… that should be able to answer many questions, otherwise don’t plan so much and jump into the adventure.