Website Unavailable 2021-09-17 8:00

Can’t reach the Kurviger server. What’s the problem? Anyone else having problems right now? 2021-09-17T06:03:00Z

I just wanted to post a topic on this.

Unfortunately it seems that our server host is currently experiencing technical issues. They have started an investigation already and I hope that the website will be back soon. I am following the situation closely and if there is no solution shortly, I will double check what can be done about it.

Until this is resolved, you can use: (removed as the website works correctly)

This should at least allow you to plan a route :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, until now the problem persists.

I have created a temporary forwarding rule to forward automatically to the fallback instance.

I expect the problem to be resolved soon. Apparently the hoster has already identified the error source and work on mitigating it.

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Ok, it seems that the website is available again. I have removed the forwarding rule and will continue to monitor the situation.

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Thanks! Website seems to be working OK now.

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