Website Route Names cannot change!

On Windows Browsers and on the iPad I cannot change route names.

When I display the Routes List in the Cloud some names start with D but when I mouse over them the D turns to a T

If I load the route and try to edit the title it is the same behaviour.

I have cleared cache.


Hi, this seems similar to another thread we had recently here

If it’s the same issue, then I can say we are already investigating this. Just to make sure, can you also check you don’t have any auto-translate plugins installed in your browser? Which browser do you use on windows and on the iPad?

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Hi Patrick, yesterday afternoon this behavior was no longer happening and I can now change Route names as I wish.

These browsers
Windows 10 Chrome, Edge
iPad Chrome

Also my other issue where on selecting a Way or Via Point and moving to the next one and the distances were not changing also seems to be working as one would expect.

The only thing I did on the PC was run CC Cleaner job to clean up old temp files and other rubbish.

So glad service is back, Kurviger is great.


Oof, very mysterious :thinking: let us know when you can reproduce this again please