Website: Route color

I like the way that Kurviger will display the twistiest, not so twisty and just twisty options on the same website screen, all in a default blue colour. Might it be possible in a future update to change the default colour for each?

I like to create my own routes in BaseCamp but use several ‘route suggestion’ tools. For example, Kurviger alongside ViaMichelin, MyRoute (if I want to drop a GPX route onto a Michelin map) and old fashioned paper maps, all for ideas on which roads I might to use. Having the option to change the Kurviger default colour would be helpful, I think.

This is actually already on the todo list :slight_smile:. We recently added a settings dialog on the website. There we could store that information.

Would you want to set different colors just for the route and different colors for the alternative? Or would you just change the general color?

I would like the option to change the colours of the route and the alternatives, please.

If I use the example of Garmin’s BaseCamp. There the default colour of a route is magenta and a track is dark grey. I can though change the colour of each if I want to. This comes in really handy when I want to look at several alternatives on one screen, all at once, I can see at a glance which is which.

Thank you.