Website: Payment by bank

i can not pay with my new creditcard. Is it not possible with a normal and easy payment by my normal bank account ?
I dont want to make a new account with pay pal, because i dont use it.

Website or Android?

For Android, Google Play is responsible for the payments.
For Google Play payments, better contact Google support.

is it not possible for normal banktransfer if you give me banknumber ?

For my opinion you don’t need a PayPal-Account.
But you have to pay via paddle - which is responsible for managing the subscription. I wonder why you couldn’t pay with your creditcard - see


Unfortunately, wire transfer (bank transfer) is not available for subscriptions at Paddle. Is there an error message when you use your credit card?

i don,t understand that there are more people who have problems with payment and that you can,t change it for an easy payment by Ideal banking ?
May be i better chance to another app.

We are using a payment provider for this and they don’t support selling subscriptions via bank transfer. So there is nothing we can change here.

If you have an issue with your credit card, I am happy to help, but I would need more details what exactly is not working.

It’s too bad you can’t handle the payment by credit card and therefore have to use a worse navigation app. :roll_eyes:
I would be surprised if other subscription apps accept banking transfers … :thinking:

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