Website: Option to show compact waypoint list

Following up on the discussion here from:
@rumbrummer @juschka10001 @zaphod_42

It could be possible to offer a compact version of the waypoint list and users can switch between a compact and a detailled version like this:

Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 11.38.39
Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 11.38.50

Would be good if you could provide a bit of feedback if this would indeed solve the issue you are facing.

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I’d really like a (even more) compact list very much.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am planning my routes exclusively by hand, so there are very often 50 - 100 shaping- and waypoints. The buttons between every point are making such a long list really confusing and long.

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I think, the link is a few posts too late and the linked post describes an other topic.
The discussion about waypoint list starts already here (or even before).

@boldtrn : If you agree, you could change your link and delete this post - or if you give a like I change the link and delete my post myself …

Yes it was mentioned multiple times in that topic, probably also in other topics and via PM, etc :slight_smile:

I linked your post, as it described one possible and interesting solution. Please feel free to link other posts where this was mentioned as well :+1:

BTW: I would be interested what you think about the proposed solution :slight_smile:

Hmmm - using your link I come to my problem description “Darstellungsproblem auf Touch Geräten”

My 1st thoughts:

  • brings more waypoint into the panel
  • does not reduce the width of left panel (as asked by some users)
  • removes option to change segment profile / insert waypoint via panel

I did not yet understand why you discarded your solution similar to the one I proposed:

I have to play around with PC and Tablet (and perhaps phone) to get a better feeling. But this will take some time (busy rest of today, tomorrow :frowning_face:)

Ah yes, that was indeed the wrong link, thanks. I updated the link.

The width of the left panel as it is right now is needed. It might be possible to squeeze a few pixels by reducing the font size, but overall, there is not much to reduce. It’s not only about the waypoint list, the sidebar contains all the content like import, export, cloud, pois etc.

Most issues reported in regards to the left panel width seem to happen when the os starts to scale the content (like mobile versions). When reducing the size of the left panel users that don’t have a scaled version would see issues. So maybe there is a way to improve the behaviour for these cases.

There have been a few reasons why the design was chosen as it is now. If you would like to discuss a redesign of the waypoint list, please create a new topic. This would be serious change and nothing that could be offered on short notice.

The change proposed in this topic can be added now, so it would help on the short term and then we can see how we can improve the usability in the long term.

This feature was added to the Kurviger Website. Please let me know if this works as expected.

In this context I added two new hot keys:

  • alt + c: collapse / extend waypoint list
  • alt + shift + c: compact / detailed waypoint list

Let me know how this works for you and if it fixes the issues you are facing.

Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 16.30.19


That’s better and actual test works fine.

BR juschka

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Works fine, great job !! :heart_eyes:

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Works well :+1:, thanks for the implementation.

And changing segment profiles can be also done easily by the profile icons on the map.


That’s really a good idea! But the ‘+’-sign in each line (in addition to the ‘x’) could be helpful.

You can add a waypoint in a route segment by right click / long tap on that route segment on the map → set as via / Shaping point.
Afterwards drag the waypoint to the desired position.

That’s true. But if I like to insert an adress …

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Klick / tap in the text field of the inserted waypoint in the left panel and enter address ?

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Markus, in Bavaria we say “Gscheithaferl” - but you are absolutely right.
I withdraw my proposal! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That was not my intention - I just wanted to show a workaround. Separate insert buttons might be more comfortable / need less clicks / taps.
But might be also a large implementation effort for @boldtrn .

You can always use the detailed view that offers all these options :wink: - For new features like a redesign of the waypoint list, please create a new topic :+1: