Website on a tablet

We’re actually on our holiday trip in France and I have several problems with the website on a tablet ( samsung android)

  1. I can’ t find the function of dividing the route. At home at my notebook I’ ve prepared the whole route and now I want to cut each day. But I don’ t find the function? At home I’ ve cut the first days witout any problems on the notebook ( a wonderful function! ), but now on the trip I’m not able to continue :persevere:
  2. sometimes I scroll and zoom the map and then the navigation bar of Internet explorer at the top and the kurviger bar on the right with all functions dissapears. Only new start of the whole kurviger page helps… How can I bring this back, because actually I always scroll only the map, not the whole page. Can I " fix" the map that it’s not possible to zoom?
  3. on the tablet I can’t move the planned positions to change the route, because then again the whole page is moving. How can I change then the positions without a mouse

Fast help is appreciated because we still have 2000km :grinning:
Thanks in advance
BR juschka

If you shortly tap on a waypoint there’s a menu which contains the split function. If you make a long tap another menu appears (for determing the waypoint as start or destination for example).

Maybe you should try another browser (for Android devices I would recommend Opera).

Tap on the waypoint for a longer time and then drag it without lifting your finger.

I wish you an exciting and safe journey!

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is there a corresponding functionality in the App (Pro Version)?

Currently I can not find it :thinking: - might be an user problem …

Thanks and regards


I don’t think so, no

Mobile apps are not like desktop browsers with mouse and multiple tabs, having in each one a separate route with its own options. Would need a completely different approach to implement it in the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note, I highly discourage using internet explorer, especially on a tablet. Internet Explorer 11 (the newest IE) is from 2013. It might not support many important features of touch interaction. Some features of Kurviger in particular might not work in IE.

I recommend using Firefox or Chromium based browsers. Even Microsofts own browser Edge is planned switch to a chromium base.

The Kurviger website should work alright on a tablet. Some of the interactions are not optimized for touch and will work better with a mouse, but everything should work nevertheless.

Maybe switching browsers is already helping with the issues you saw?

The Internet Explorer on Android or mean something else?

Thanks for your answers. I was offline some days.
The short tap on the waypoint does not run on the tablet. Then I only get the information about planned km, but no dividing menu…
I still use as an alternative deleting all waypoints I dont need for the day and safe it a a new file.

The scrolling behavior was solved by a workaround, because I’ve installed the app on the tablet ( this was too easy to think about it immediately) in parallel to my mobile with my googleaccount…

Yes actual I had IE used on android tablet. I’ ll try to use chrom next days, but I hate google tools, we have them in the job :slight_smile:
Thanks for your support
BR juschka

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Firefox should work equally well, choose as you like

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Hello, everyone,

I have an addition to this question:

We are also on vacation and I am planning with on an ipad with safari and chrome.

The tip with longer press does not work with both browsers unfortunately.
Is there any other idea?

As a supplement, I mean the fields on the left side outside the map …

Ah yes, that is a big difference. The left panel doesn’t work like that on touch devices unfortunately. You can set waypoints as start or destination by clicking on them on the map and use the button in the popup, maybe this helps already?

Thank u for your fast answer :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll try it…

Ok, that doesn’t fit …

I cannot start a new calculation with a new order of intermediate destinations.
That `s a pity :pensive: