Website: New Map Style: Kurviger OSM

I am happy to let you know that we just added a new map style to the Kurviger website: “Kurviger OSM”. The style is based on the nice and beloved OSM map style (OSM Carto).

As usual you can select this style in the top-right of the map.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 08.31.25

Give it a try and let us know how you like the new style :slight_smile:.

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Hi, i did a look.
For me is this Map-Style not the right way for kurviger.
The realy small streets are only a thin gray line.
I want to see this small roads for finding short way or something like that.
In kurviger Libery this roads ar some pixels more and i can better see.

But why not. If others want that OSM style then its ok because other not necesary Info is gone.


Yes indeed, that is how OSM renders the roads. I also prefer Kurviger Liberty :wink: - it’s just an additional and optional style.

Nein is nix. Hat keine Chance gegen Kurviger Liberty
Gruss Rolf

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I agree to the opinions mentioned before - at low zoom level!

But zooming in it seems to be vice versa: Small roads can be seen better on Kurviger OSM.

Example south east of Grenoble:

Kurviger Liberty:

Kurviger OSM:

Thanks for the comparison. This seems to be mostly roads that are unsuitable for most motorcycles, like paths, steps, etc.?

Yes, indeed - the brown lines are paths, not tracks.

But in this case also the readability of larger tracks / roads (yellow, white) is better.

I think it is caused by the higher contrast between background and road - especially in forestry areas. Might be a bad example …

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Thanks for sharing, I will have a look, maybe we can improve the Kurviger Liberty style in the future and raise the contrast :slight_smile:

Hi, ich versuche meine Aussage mit den grauen Linien noch einmal per Bild deutlich zu machen.
Mag sein, dass bei einem Maßstab von 500m die Ansicht besser ist, aber bei 5km zur Suche nach möglichen Streceken nicht.

Hi, I’m trying to make my statement with the gray lines clear again with a picture.
It may be that the view is better at a scale of 500m, but not at 5km to search for possible routes.




I think I understood you correctly. The idea of this style is to be as close as possible to the original style from - I personally prefer Kurviger Liberty as well. Maybe in the future it makes sense to change this style a bit to better fit the expectation for planning motorcycle routes?

there are sections that are better in liberty and there are sections that are better visible with osm. I think osm is a slight improvement over liberty.

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I agree with Rekib. I find the OSM version also very good, especially, you do not have to “rethink” from the map style when you are on the website of OSM.

I think it’s great that Robin provides us with many variations or improvements and is always open to innovations :+1:

@boldtrn you are doing a great job for us and thanks for your commitment