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[Website] New Map Style: Kurviger Liberty

Thanks again for all the helpful feedback. I am happy to let you know that I just pushed some serious improvements for the Kurviger Liberty style.

Added :slight_smile:

I added a bit more contrast, let me know if you think it should more/different.

White I wasn’t able to change too much about this, I was able to slightly improve this.

Added them :+1:

I added those as well :+1:

I updated the names to use the local names.

I still have one or two minor things on my list that will be added over the next weeks. If you find anything that should be improved, please let us know!


Looks good! :+1:t3:

This is definitely my favorite map style when using Kurviger’s website. :world_map:

Nice how you work in the wishes of the feedback. Thanks a lot!

To let you know what i think and to bring my points following i show you the solutions of different map styles (clicking on the pictures show them increased):

Scales 500 m and 1 km: The areas with buildings in the actual edition now are good to recognize. Perhaps the colour a little bit stronger (But not as strong as in Top Plus for Germany…).

Scale 2 km: The areas with buildings are recognizable, but perhaps the colour could be a little bit stronger.

Scale 5 km: The areas with buildings are recognizable but not very good. The gray colour for me is a little bit to weak. Is it possible to take a darker gray or eventually use a little bit of red like in scale 500m and 1 km.

Scale 10 km: At this scale the areas with buildings are recognizable bad with a weak gray only at bigger villages and towns. Perhaps here can be displayed more using a colour as mentioned at scale 5 km. At Top Plus for Germany … there are more such areas recognizable (but this strong colour don’t fit to the style of Kurviger Liberty).

At scales with less than 500m and scales with more than 10 km it’s fine at it is.

Above just my opinion not knowing if there are relations betweeen the styles at different scales. It is an advantage to the other map styles to increase the usability of Kurviger Liberty for planing routes with setting of waypoints (not only using the Kurviger algorythms).

PS: The point with the roads (Nebenstraßen) will follow in a separate reply. First i have to work out my explanations.

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Thanks for wanting feedback. Now some shortlinks and explanations to following point:

Shortlinks to roads missing in Kurviger Liberty at scales of 5 km and eventually 10 km:

  1. Road Dobel to Rotensol (mit Mittellinie) https://kurv.gr/zDbjP
  2. Road Holzbachtal to Schwanner Warte (ohne Mittellinie) https://kurv.gr/15fRe
  3. Road Bernbach to Moosbronn (mit Mittellinie) https://kurv.gr/4Cn9T
  4. Alsace D59 (near Saverne, mit Mittellinie) https://kurv.gr/ubuC2

For shortlink 4 (Alsace D59) following a comparison of the map styles from actual Kurviger Liberty, Esri Street and Top Plus for Germany and Europe at different scales (clicking on the pictures show them increased).

Scale 2 km: The road at the waypoint and some others are easy to recognize at all map styles. That’s fine. Thanks!

Scale 5 km: The road at the waypoint and some others are easy to recognize at the map styles in the middle and on the right side, but not at Kurviger Liberty on the left side of the examples.

Scale 10 km:The road at the waypoint and some others are to recogize at the map styles in the middle and on the right side, but not at Kurviger Liberty on the left side of the examples.

It would be nice to recognize such roads at scale 5 km and even at scale 10 km in Kurviger Liberty. This proposal is made not knowing why at the current version it’s not possble to see them. Is it at the style, the algorythm or the OSM data? Perhaps it’s to find out and to implement it in the map style. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback @WalterG. I just updated the Kurviger Liberty to us stronger colors for the residential areas, also for zoom levels around 10km I use the brownish color instead of the gray one.

I agree that some of the smaller roads are shown rather late. Unfortunately, showing them is not that easy :frowning:. This might be something we could change in the long-term though :+1:.

Please keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast work. Was checking scales from 500 m up to 300 km.

For scales 500 m up to 10 km the residential areas from each village or town are fine to distinguish from the not residential areas around them. That’s much better than before.

But ooops! From scale 20 km up to scale 100 km the residential areas of neighboured villages with not residential areas between them suddenly are displayed as one big residential area. This behaviour is shown at the example of the area of Hockenheim - Heilbronn - Stuttgart - Karlsruhe. In this area for example the area of Stuttgart -Heilbronn is recognizable as one big residential area. This behaviour you can see at the scales from 20 km to 100 km. Following you find the pictures from scale 5 km to scale 300 km:

Scale 5 km and 10 km: residential areas e.g. of the area Stuttgart - Heilbronn are separate areas. That’s ok.

Scale 20 km: residential areas of the area Stuttgart - Heilbronn are no more seperate areas, there only is one big residential area. That’s confusing. As recognizable, this behaviour is not only at Stuttgart - Heilbronn, it’s at other areas too (in the picture e.g. Karlsruhe - Mannheim - and more). This behaviour should be avoided.

Scale 30 km and scale 50 km: The same confusing behaviour as at scale 20 km. This behaviour should be avoided.

Scale 100 km: The same as above. At this scale perhaps only showing the residential area of big citys. The behaviour described for scales 20, 30, 50 km should be avoided.

Scale 300 km: There are no residential areas. That’s ok.

I can’t remember, if this behaviour was in earlier Kurviger Liberty versions. I know it’s easy to make this criticism not knowing what work is to do to make it better.
Yeah, nevertheless Kurviger Liberty is on a good way.

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The color and shading of residential areas now just has the prefect mixture.
Residential areas can be recognized without being too prominent. :+1:

Isn’t Stuttgart - Heilbronn just one big residential area :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But admitted the transition from scale 10 km to scale 20 km is a bit harsh in this area.
It feels better in the Munich area.

I guess it is difficult to find the right compromise between merging smaller residential areas into a big one, and let the smaller areas dissapear.



Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, pretty much. IMHO, this area should be avoided since it’s pretty build up. Instead I would recommend to go around on the east through the “Löwensteiner Berge” (as described here).

Actually this behavior existed from the beginning :slight_smile:. I think it just wasn’t as visible before. Before, the green areas of the forest were stronger than the residential areas, so it was easy to miss.

The only option we have right now would be to reduce the visibility of the residential areas again :frowning:. I was actually playing around quite a bit with the map style in this area because I find the change a bit harsh.

In general I find these simplified / summarized residential areas quite handy. They show areas where I wouldn’t want to go with a motorcycle, because there is too much traffic.

Yes and to be honest, I don’t know how the algorithm works in detail, but I guess that if a certain density is reached, a big area is formed. But unfortunately it’s not easily possible to change this behavior.

And if you want to see the details, you need to zoom in anyway.


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Hi from France/Spain,
found 1 issue:
There are almost no road numbers at any scale, only for Highways, eg. ex San Sebastian to the East GL-3420 or NA-4000. Compare OSM and Liberty, as following:


on a smaller scale, there are a lot of POIs, which are all not selectable, so don’t know, what it is.


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Sorry for the late feedback.

Initially in my mind i was fixed to the idea the residential areas should be scaled to the map scale. But your argument can be understood and be accepted.

Here i full agree with linux-user. No change necessary. Thanks for your effort.

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Thanks for finding this. It seems to happen less frequently in France, but in Spain I can see this happen quite often. I could identify the issue and apply a fix. It should work correctly now. But, the road signs appear a bit late, so you might need to zoom in a bit more.

Yep, its working now, but I have to go down as far as 300m to see them.
But what about all these non selectable POIs? I could understand that the would be suppressed for de-cluttering reasons, but since they are there, they should be selectable?!

Yes, they appear a bit late. I put it on the list of things to review.

The Kurviger Liberty style is not as flexible as the style of the app. It uses a different technology that makes selecting these POIs more complicated. Most other styles on the Kurviger website include POIs as well. Some have less or no POIs at all. Sorry that’s not easily changeable :frowning:.

Relevant XKCD

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Is it possible, that the map data of “Kurviger Liberty” is less up to date than “OpenStreetMap (FAU)”? :wink:
Here an example in Langesund Norway.


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Yes, Kurviger Liberty is updated less often than for example the OpenStreetMap style.

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