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[Website] New Map Style: Kurviger Liberty

Yep, its working now, but I have to go down as far as 300m to see them.
But what about all these non selectable POIs? I could understand that the would be suppressed for de-cluttering reasons, but since they are there, they should be selectable?!

Yes, they appear a bit late. I put it on the list of things to review.

The Kurviger Liberty style is not as flexible as the style of the app. It uses a different technology that makes selecting these POIs more complicated. Most other styles on the Kurviger website include POIs as well. Some have less or no POIs at all. Sorry that’s not easily changeable :frowning:.

Relevant XKCD

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Is it possible, that the map data of “Kurviger Liberty” is less up to date than “OpenStreetMap (FAU)”? :wink:
Here an example in Langesund Norway.


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Yes, Kurviger Liberty is updated less often than for example the OpenStreetMap style.

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Die Hügelbezeichnungen habe ich gerade hinzugefügt. Es kann sein, dass die bei dem ein oder anderen noch kurz brauchen bis sie auftauchen, aber das sollte spätestens über die nächsten Tage bei allen auftauchen.

Kurviger Liberty is now around for quite a bit of time and for me it has become my default map layer when planning a route. The infrastructure behind Kurviger Liberty has been massively improved over the last weeks. So the layer should be very stable and perform reasonably well.

So my thought was to change the default map style from Esri Streets to Kurviger Liberty. What do you think? Do you see issues with Kurviger Liberty or is it working fine? Do you prefer Esri Streets or Kurviger Liberty for your planning activities?

I know Esri Streets has some benefits as well and I still like that style. This certainly doesn’t mean that Esri Streets would be removed from Kurviger, just that it’s not the default anymore.


Whenever I visit Kurviger.de the first thing I am doing is to swich the map style from Ersi to Liberty :laughing:


Kurviger Liberty baut die Karte sehr langsam auf .
Gruss Rolf

Yes. Please.

Esri streets is always soooo far off from the blue line it makes kurviger.de look really unprofessional. My personal favorite is still OSM but liberty is MUCH better than Esri


Yes. Liberty is my favorite and default map.

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Default map in the app is Mapillion, right?

That’s correct, though it’s recommended to prefer the offline maps.

Yes, I know, but some users use online maps.

What’s the default map style used by the offline maps?

Background of my questions in this context
Which map used by the website is most similar to the maps used by the app?
This could be an argument to decide, which map should be the defaut map in the website, to give specially new users most similar design when copying routes from website to app.

I just had a look: For ME it seems that indeed Kurviger Liberty is just similar to Mapillion, more than Esri - but still not completely!

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Offline maps are vector maps, not like online bitmap tiles.
Their map style is a collection of rules, similar to that one.

@boldtrn can answer that, if Liberty or Mapilion seems more similar.

Important is maps to use OSM data in their rendering, like the routing.

I see (and remember :wink: ) - so no way to compare vector and bitmap designs directly by source.

Thanks for all your feedback!

Yes, Kurviger Liberty was designed to be somewhat similar to the Kurviger Map Style of the Kurviger App. 100% equality is not possible though.

Danke für den Hinweis, ich vermute du hast ein hochauflösendes Display (im Bereich 4k)? Da experimentieren wir gerade noch mit der Technologie. Kurviger Liberty berechnet da gerade hochauflösende Karten, die deutlich langsamer laden, das wird aber vermutlich deaktiviert, da das einfach viel zu langsam ist. Die anderen Karten machen das übrigens auch nicht, das wäre quasi ein Bonus-Feature von Liberty.


Than this IS an argument to make Liberty instead of Esri the default of the Website.

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Good news, Kurviger Liberty is now the default map style on the website :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: