Website: losing filename when loading kurviger and GPX files


I think there is a small issue with the website. When you first load a .kurviger file followed by loading one or several GPX tracks as overlays, the filename of the original route is lost. As soon you try to export the .kurviger route again (e.g. after having made some changes) the name field of the export dialog will be filled with the name of the last GPX file that was loaded instead of keeping the name of the original kurviger file.


Thanks for feedback. Currently, it is intended that when importing a file the name of the file is stored as route name. With every import this name is updated.

Maybe this should be only done when importing a file and use it for routing? So importing overlays doesn’t overwrite the route name.

we discussed that in

but I think we did not consider this case - at least I am sure I did not!

I think the proposal above is very good: The last import of a file as route defines the name proposal for export function.

There is the same topic for the app - should we open a separate thread for the app? @Beemer: Could you tag it as app also and perhaps change the title?

Regards Markus

Thanks for the feedback!

I am just wondering if anyone thinks this might be a bad idea for some reason?

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This should work in the website now, if not, please let us know.