Website: Kurviger Cloud Sort list

Maybe it would be possible to use the same UI concept to add a sort function for collections (both folders and route entries in the currently selected collection):


The dropdown could offer the sorting options:

  • by name
  • by date
  • by distance
  • by estimated duration

Would be very helpful for collections with a larger number of entries.

I noticed that after saving a route in another collection, the list of collections is re-sorted because the selected collection now appears at the top of the list. A little bit annoying if you have more collections and therefore want to sort them somehow “logical” (which could easily be done by sorting “by name” and using appropriate names for the collections):

Thanks for the proposal, yes something like this will be one of the next things that will be added :slight_smile:.

It would probably require to:

  • Selected the attribute to sort by
  • Ascending or descending
  • Save this selection in your account so that it can be reused in the future. Here I am not sure if this is something that should be saved globally or maybe even per route folder?
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To keep things simple I think it would be enough to save and apply the last chosen sort option globally for all collections.

A simple dropdown list could easily represent all needed options (without cluttering the general UI to much):

  • by name (ascending)
  • by name (descending)
  • by date (ascending)
  • by date (descending)
  • by distance (ascending)
  • by distance (descending)
  • by estimated duration (ascending)
  • by estimated duration (descending)

Yes, probably that’s the best option. Implementation wise, it’s not a big difference though, but could be too complicated to use.

Ah yes that’s a good idea as well and would be a bit easier.

This is now available in the new version of the Kurviger website.