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Website: Keyboard Shortcuts

The Kurviger website just got a new feature, keyboard shortcuts. This can come in really handy in some situations.

So far, there are the following shortcuts:

Hold R to make the route almost invisible. This helps a lot to see what type of road is used.
Hold W to set the waypoints invisible. This can be for example used when you are creating screenshots, which was discussed here.
Hold Shift (that’s the key to write in upper case) to Switch between Left-Click-Mode.

Let me know what you think about this and what other keyboard shortcuts we should add in the future. Many things won’t work easily, as there are many side effects with keyboard shortcuts, so there shouldn’t be any disruptive effects or complex key combinations :slight_smile:.


Great idea. Even better than permanetly having color transparency (like in some other routing platforms I’m using).

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I just added another shortcut: W to hide waypoints.

Is it possible along with the route to hide also the direction arrows?

Holy crap, awesome!

I’m pretty sure that a lot of users won’t “discover” these functions. And keyboard shortcuts aren’t very helpful on a tablet. Therefore it would be great if additionally there were two bottons at the left toolbar area on the map to switch on/off route and waypoint visibility.

Is the website (or any map website) even usable on mobile devices?
Should use Android app(s) on phone & tablets for better experience.

Yes that should be possible. I wasn’t sure if we should hide everything? The main use case I see is to see what type of road is under the route line?

Yes, we still need to document this nicely in the UI. I first wanted to collect some feedback before making this official :slight_smile:.

Yes, I actually thought about that as well. I am not sure to be honest. So far the shortcuts contain only nice to have/bonus features and the map toolbar is already growing too big. On most smartphones you can’t even reach all buttons if the website is in horizontal view. I think, we would first need a different map toolbar. Once that is done, I can think of quite some buttons to add to the map :slight_smile:.

The Kurviger website works OK on mobile devices, but the app certainly works smoother and is optimized for touch interaction.

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Sure. I don’t mean Android or Apple tablets. There are Windows tablets as well.

It’s really fun lying on your couch and creating a few new routes using your Windows tablet (and maybe a pen) with Kurviger in map view mode while hearing music and enjoying a good drink. Helps bringing you over the winter :smile:.

Here’s my Lenovo Thinkpad Helix “on duty”: