Website: Improved Route-Information and Speed browsing

As a Kurviger Tourer you can see more details about your route, including route information and max speeds. Now it’s even easier to go from one item to the next.

Please let us know how you like this new feature. We think this should help a lot to identify issues in your planning activity. This would for example make it very easy to find parts of the route where you are only allowed to go 30 or all potentially closed roads without searching them on the map.


This has been implemented for a long time or am I mistaken?

At least … I was able to identify such problem ares in advance.

It is a great feature - and I like it very much. Very helpful.

Thanx, Robin :hugs:

Look closely :wink: You can now go from one to the next and there are some more improvements :slight_smile:

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wie komme ich zu dieser Anzeige?

… auf einen Waypoint / Shaping Point in einer geplanten Route klicken …