Website: historigram of route-information doesn't work as expected

this is my first entry in this forum and I hope I do it right… (sorry if not)

I have a problem with the display of the routeinformation (e.g. speed-limit history works fine), because no informations of the used street-types where shown. Only tunnel are shown…
→ would it be possible to use a colourmatch to the historigram so that I can fast see which type of street is used - my historigram is only in blue

Thanks for the proposal. With type you mean things like:

  • motorway
  • highway
  • rural road
  • etc?

The route information is only supposed to show more important information of the route like tolls, ferries, road closures, and also tunnels :slight_smile:.

yes this is the information which I need - because it would be essential for planing points like
a) the duration of the trip (e.g. a small way has a speedlimit of 100 but you will not do this :wink: )
b) see it the route is possible for all members of tour (e.g. my GS will manage all tracks with ease but some of my friends will have backpains if the road goes to bumpy for to long )
c) others (e.g. sometimes I wish to glide along easy streets and sometime I like it hard and bumpy)

in the map itself you can not easily see what track lies below the blue line of the route… so such a diagram would be great to have a fast and direkt overview (e.g. if you wish to make a trip planned some month back)

if you wish to keep the route-information as it is, than perhaps use the Elevation-Profile (this should be free for this additional data, and also it could be nice to know on what type of road you try to climb)

Thanks for providing additional information. I am not 100% sure that this would be a feature that many other people would like to use. So maybe others could also comment if they would like to use such a feature or not.

It would be possible to implement to have this as one more option in the elevation diagram besides route information.