Website has incorrect map profile; Distance (mi) and Elevation (ft)

I think I have found an issue with the map profile detail when Kurviger calculates Distance (mi) and Elevation (ft) compared to metric. Appears there is a conversion error?

Hi! Could you please add a screenshot or a description of the steps that lead to this? When I make a route and switch to imperial units it… Kinda looks correct to me at first glance? I might be wrong though. Can you help me reproduce / understand the problem?

The overall route indicates the length to be 241 miles. Although the profile shows 149.7 miles and an elevation approaching 22,000 feet.

Thanks for the screenshot, we did a larger update of the elevation diagram recently, maybe we introduced an issue here.

This seems to be an unit conversion issue, because 149,7 miles approx. equal 241 kilometers…


This issue should be fixed now. Please let me know if this works for you.

Note: please make sure to clear your cache or force a “hard reload” by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+R” or by using a private/incognito window.

That did the trick, thank you very much!