Website: GPX export does not show the Waypoints after import in Zumo XT


Probably I’m doing something wrong, but:
After making a route on the website and exporting it in GPX format conform these settings:
GPX (*.gpx)
Export track: check
Export Waypoints: check
supportpoints: Many
Waypoint-names: check
Shapingpoints: check

And after import in my Zumo XT, I only get to see the start and Ending points. The route is correctly shown, but all the waypoints don’t have any markings in the route.

Question: What am I doing wrong???

Reactions in German are also welcome, I do read and understand the German language.
Thanks for your reactions,


Hi Peter,

please can you provide your exported GPX here?

Or try to convert the GPX with and switch on waypoints - that inserts start, destination and Kurviger Via Points as waypoints in GPX - but I did not test it with Zumo XT (none available).

Regards Markus

Can you see the route points in the “Favorites” Menu on the Zumo XT?
If yes, perhaps you have to change an option of the Zumo XT, so that waypoints are shown on map …

Have you tried to check “Route” instead?