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Website: Export Waypoint Names and Shaping Points

Now that waypoint names and shaping points are available on the website it would be great if there would be an option to export these.

Waypoint names could be used in most export formats.
Shaping points in the export would be very interesting for the GarminShapingPoint export and in the ITN format.

Please let us know if you see other options where this can be handy as well.


thats really good news…Im verry happy. Its makes it much easier for the pro app…thx a lot


Where the “sym” is used (instead of “type”) to define waypoint types?

The “sym” was also discussed here:

The popular Garmin Icon Range by sym find here.
Garmin_266_Icons_sym.gpx (26.1 KB)
Basecamp and Locus support all of them.
Some gps units do not support the complete range.

I haven’t seen any GPX files recently that use the type for this. Many GPX files use sym to show different types of waypoints on the map. This is usually just visually, but that way it could be used in many GPX systems. As @0709 mentions, the sym is supported in many GPX systems.

We don’t mean here to include multiple colors or symbols.

Only to separate via from shaping points (e.g. true / false).

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Yes and it needs to be done in a way that other systems can understand. I haven’t seen the type tag in many GPX files and I think I have never seen it used for ShapingPoints. That said, it’s definitely good to add it to the type.

But maybe it would be good to also add it as sym so other systems can show a difference for the different points?