Website export gpx

Hello Robin.

See attached .kurviger track with 2200 (0 to 2199) track points.
Kempen Clean.kurviger (57.2 KB)
After converting to gpx (offline) with the app I get back correctly the same 2200 track points.
When exporting with the website, I unexpectedly get back 2351 track points. What is happening ?

Is it still the same route? If yes, then I don’t see an issue. In the web response the geometry gets simplified (points removed) to reduce the transferred file size. It might be that this works slightly different for GPX exports.

Hmm…? Simplify ? Web adds extra (more) points ?

Yes this is a rather technical process, I don’t know how to explain this in simple terms without drawing pictures and adding examples :slight_smile:. I don’t think that the described behavior is a bug. If the points still form the same route, everything works correct.

No Robin it is not really a bug I realise. It seems to me that probably the waypoints and navigation points do add some extra trackpoints by index. The app (offline) gpx export is exactly representing the original kurviger file. = a very precise conversion !

I always copy the link too. This gives exactly the same route.