Website: Enter coordinates more efficiently

I have two issues entering coordinates to add a waypoint or modify an existing waypoint:

  • The coordinates are in the following format: N 043° 12.268, E 12° 6.789. Kurviger doesn’t understand that, so I have to go to something like Google maps to translate this to 43.204467, 12.113150. It shouldn’t be too hard to teach Kurviger to recognize additional coordinate formats.
  • When I change the coordinates of a waypoint (or the start or end of a route) in the list of waypoints, nothing happens at first, and the change isn’t shown on the map. The map is only updated once I press the Search button. On the other hand, when I add a new waypoint or move a existing waypoint on the map, the route is immediately updated, and the list of waypoints changes immediately. The two behaviors are inconsistent, which is pretty confusing.

Thanks for the proposal.

Different coordinate formats are not deeply supported, but it kind of works. If you enter N 043° 12.268, E 12° 6.789 as start and Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Italien as end, click the search button, the resulting route looks correct to me.

I can have a look if we can support different coordinate formats deeper in the website. It would be great if you could create a feature request for this here:

Users can vote for features there and once there are some votes we can consider this change important to several users and can start to work on it.

This is the intended behavior. Kurviger cannot know, when you are finished entering coordinates. You can also enter Names of Cities, Adresses, etc.

On the other hand, if you are setting a point on the map, it is clear, that the action is completed and that you would like to see the result.

If you are using the auto complete feature: entering a an Adress like “Berlin”, then click on the proposed solution “Berlin, Deutschland”, Kurviger is also automatically changing the route, because it’s clear that this action is complete.

Do you think this makes sense?