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Is maybe useful to skip the roads in germany that are forbidden for motards?
I’m going to the Eifel about 2 weekend and I found out that the routes I make are going over forbidden roads.


@Jan I moved your question to the existing topic :slight_smile:.

Thank you boldrtn

Hi, Kurviger is great application, only thing I miss is to avoid closed roads during navigating. There is free source for Czech republic, offered by National registry for traffic informations. Here is more info in ENglish

As there are many closed roads for construction works in whole country for some last years, I’d like Kurviger can use this informations for better planning.

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Thanks for the question, I just moved your questions to the appropriate discussion :slight_smile:

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I am happy to report that such an overlay feature was just added to the Kurviger website. The feature is still experimental. Please report your experience with this feature.

In my experience so far, this feature works pretty good and can help to avoid conditionally closed roads a lot!


Woh perfect. I’ve found the additional function -first I was not sure were to activate.
Could you please check the Kesselberg:

In direction of Walchensee-Kochelsee there are no conditions - it’s allowed to drive all time. Only in direction starting in Kochel it’s forbidden on Saturday, Sonday and banking holidays.

I’m happy to check our routes in future with these additionally function.
BR juschka

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I love it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The only problem left are the restrictions which only exist in one direction, as juschka has already written.
Of course, OSM users can open their JOSM or whatever in order to check which direction is “forward” on the affected way. But as far as I know, others can’t find it out and likely don’t understand that “forward / backward” thing at all.
I guess it is not possible for the routing algorithm to get the information whether the road is being used in forward or backward direction. In this case, it is better to warn the user that there could be a restriction, of course. Just like you have implemented it now.

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Something is buggy here:
The restriction itself is displayed correctly with the red line.
But if I click on the little road sign between Trafoi and Neuwies, a popup opens which shows “OSM ID: 73257936” and no explanation. It turns out that this ID belongs to a different road.
If I reverse the direction of the tour, the correct information is shown: “OSM ID: 172951992 access:conditional: no @ (Oct-Apr)”

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Thanks for the kind feedback!

Yes, these cases are currently not solved yet. I am not sure, if we can solve this with reasonable effort. World wide, I could only find two roads (except minor residential roads and stuff like that) that have a conditional restriction in one direction: the Kesselberg and the B 236 near Schmallenberg.

Thanks for finding this. I just fixed this, should work as expected now.

Please let us know, if there is anything else.

Wow Robin this works extremely well, really nice. And also the changes to the height-diagram that you snuck in there together with this… just… beautiful. I really use that diagram a lot and it just got 3 times better.

Quick note to everyone using a scriptblocker, you need to allow a new script for the pop-up-explanation-dialogs to work, I just tripped over this myself and was just about to write a complaint here :smiley:

Edit: could we maybe use a different shade of red (or not red at all, something more friendly maybe?) for the “this road is above that limit” feature? It clashes with the road closure and doesn’t let you differentiate between the two

Edit2: also could you maybe “save” the height setting of the diagram, so that it survives a recalculation? Changing a waypoint or a routing setting recalculates the diagram (obviously), and currently that resets the height indicator to the defaullt (lowest) setting

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This overlay feature ist way better than to try to avoid those roads in the routing, especially if you plan your tour in advance.

:bulb:The user can make an educated guess:
Those restrictions are usually in uphill direction.
In the elevation diagram you can see if your route is uphill or downhill.


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Thanks for the feedback!

Good point, could you create a different topic about this :slight_smile:, so we can keep the discussion here about conditional restrictions. Feel free to also add the “remember height” setting :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the proposal @Patrick, I just changed the color to a friendly light blue :slight_smile:

There is another one way restriction from Rönkhausen to Wildewiese which has been put in place quite recently. Thanks!

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I use in both ways web app and pro app on android. Considering specific temporary restrictions is a really a great feature for which I’ve been waiting for!

However, I plan my trips usually not at the time of riding but sometimes earlier. Considering the time of the day for the routing would thus not help. How about an additional option in the pop-up menu when clicking right on the traffic sign at the start of the restriction. The option could be called like “avoid restriction” (like “avoid ferries” or so). That would allow the user to decide per restriction whether it should be ignored or not. Thanks!


Dies ist keine Einschränkung der Richtung sondern ein Verbot für Motorräder an Wochenenden und Feiertagen. Es sei den “one way” ist eine unglückliche Übersetzung? :thinking:
This is not a restriction of direction but a ban on motorcycles on weekends and holidays. Let the “one way” is an unfortunate translation?

It is also shown on the website, isn’t it?

Sure, it is correctly displayed on the map. It is just a further case besides the two mentioned above.

Ah, now I understand the context, thanks for sharing the example.

However, this road is not tagged as a oneway conditional though :slight_smile:. It’s currently tagged as a regular two way conditional restriction.