Website: after login, buttons on the map start turning on and off

When I log in, several buttons on the map that toggle display
of “things” like mechanics, biker-points and so on, start turning on
and off and the browser starts chewing my CPU.
I have this on the Mac with FireFox and with Safari.
After logging out, the problem stops. Log in → starts.
Is there anything I can do? Perhaps empty local caches?

YEP! If anybody gets such behaviour, the first thing to do
is to clear local caches! Tested this on both FireFox and
Safari and it does help. Obviously the whole caching stuff
of Java-Script code is still not bullet-proof…

Yes, I have seen this behavior from time to time. I think it happens when you have multiple Kurviger Tabs open and then when you time it “unlucky” some melt down is happening.

I think it is some sort of Race-Condition (mentioning this since you are a programmer). I haven’t fully figured out why this happens. I plan to release a major rework these buttons and a few other things in the next weeks that hopefully resolve this behavior.

Yes this might as well be a race condition. I am now operating
the page from one tab only and I see no problems. Cache-clean
helped in the first place but after some time it started flipping again.
Good that you have it on the radar as it is a kind of nuisance because
it eats up my cpu and spins the blower to the max if I do not close
the window…

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I just deployed a hot fix to avoid the spinning CPU and the buttons going crazy :+1: Thanks for reporting this issue.