Website: Add Waypoint/Shaping point info to GPX name

As proposed by @rumbrummer here: Website: Export Waypoint Names and Shaping Points

Something like this could be added, when we add the Waypoint name export. So the output could be something like:

<name>(WP) Name</name>
<name>(SP) Name</name>

It would be good to find out who would be interested in this kind of feature? Please vote or provide a comment and maybe tell us a bit about your use case.

What happens when export a GPX with extra name prefixes,
then import it with those custom names and export it again?
Will it have multiple “(SPN) … (SPN)” prefixes?

Cannot expect GPX parsers to regex erase “(SPN)” in order to extract / use the original waypoint names.
Because if users happen to write a similar prefix intentionally, then they expect it to remain in the import.

My comment from that discussion is that names are set by users and expect them to remain unchanged.

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If it’s really needed for better support some 3rd-party devices / programs,
then it should be optional, via a new check box in website’s export dialog.

So not break the expected export of GPX names for the majority of users.


Yes, if enough people find this feature helpful, it could be added as an opt-in feature. I wouldn’t use this as default feature.

No, prefixes should be removed during import.
But I agree, this might lead to undesired effects. One possibility is to check the ‘creator’ tag of GPX to see if that GPX has been created by Kurviger - only in that case prefixes should be removed.
But that solution still does not solve an intentional prefix matching a regular expression (regex) used to remove prefixes.
A complex solution would be to store the info that a prefix has been added to a Kurviger specific extension of the route point and to use that information during reimport.
But I have some doubt, if that effort is worth it - probably other tasks have higher priority.