Web pro and app pro; Different result in routing

Please keep the synchronization on functionality between both services. Seamless exchange of kurviger format files with same routing result was a major argument to use the kurviger universum. With actual releases, this great advantage is compromised.

You can use kurviger files to transfer routes and the result will be the same.

Multiple route profiles and strength of avoidances will be in the app when they are ready.
And the use of subscriptions is not mandatory…

There cannot be any synchronization.
The developers are different people and not machines…

Also without using multiple route profile function, there is an issue; create a route in web with fastest profile. Then open a route with extra curvy profile in app. Then load the route from web via barcode. Et voila, the route will be calculated on the app with extra curvy profile. Before, the profile was properly handed over to the app. In this example with fastest profile.

I cannot reproduce this! For me it is working.
Can you please post an example!

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@Sabu I think you should try the .kurviger file on the smartphone instead of the barcode. This should show the same route.

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Gents, I’ve tested it again and now the route calculation settings were transferred correctly. What ever it was, it’s working and I’m happy.
Thanks linux-user and zepp for your support and your suggestions!

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When I create a route in Kurviger.de, share it in a link to myself, and then open it in Kurviger Pro, the route is not the same route. This seems to have started after I subscribed to Tourer.

The Tourer Features (e.g. different Route Profiles in sections) from Website are not available in App Kurviger Pro when route calculation is made. You only can avoid route calculation when route transfer is made with route files in *.kurviger file format.

Main features of the different Kurviger platforms you can see in
EN: Kurviger Features [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
DE: Kurviger Features [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
Above links go direct to the Route Transfer section. For all info about platforms and features please read whole page.

Is this helping you? Give a short feedback. Thanks.

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That helped, thank you. I have more questions, but I’ll do the reading first. Thanks.

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