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Weather forecast


Did you ever consider integrating support for weather forecasts (e.g. https://openweathermap.org) ?

The idea is to allow overlaying the weather forecast over the planned/route.

Obviously, that could also make sense in the app (in case there’s an internet connection available.)

What do you think?


Note that most online services are not really free.

I know. It depends on what service you want and how many hits (requests) you generate per time. For the service I had mentioned there’s a free option though, which allows 1.000.000 requests per month. That should do as a start I guess.

Also, couldn’t you charge for this via google play? E.g. as an add-on on a monthly/yearly basis? So everyone who’d like weather data in kurviger would subscribe.


Just a note, this was available on the Kurviger website for years. It was pretty much unused and no one cared when it was removed.

So I personally would need a bit of persuasion to go down that road again :slight_smile:.

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