Waypoint not selectable if below another

Hallo, I’m using PRO 1
I am planning from A to C over B on the app.
if C is near A, my route(calculaton) goes to B and on the same street back. Like if B is in the middle of a dead end street.
If now I want to re-plan the tour I cannot select the “waypoint” itself. I always get the options-menu for the whole route, as if the ‘way back from to C’ is a higher layer and therefore I select the route instead of the waypoint.

You can zoom in the map or use the waypoints list.
(routing button in toolbar opens waypoint’s menu)

For more details please see the manual:

A different implementation for the overlays may come in the future:

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even in maximal zoom it’s sometimes not possible
but the waypont list is a good workaroud, thank you

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You mean something like this?

You can tap on the waypoint, and than long press on the bubble to change the waypoint



but I have to correct myself
I am using shaping points for my planning
those don’t have bubbles and are therefore harder to reach

All waypoints have info bubbles.

my shaping points don’t

I could reproduce the issue:
-set start
-set shaping point
-set destination on way back

but no worries, it’s PRO 1.x and the workaround with the waypoint list is good for me
maybe it’s an idea to have a bigger hitbox(?Fangkreis) around any point later

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All waypoints have info bubbles when you tap them.

You can also hide the “Settings | Routing | Turn instructions” overlay.

If there are 2 items in the same position, it is impossible to press the bottom.
And users did not like the shaping points to have a large icon like via points.

As mentioned, a different implementation may be needed in the future:

It will be covered by the layer selection dialog: