Waypoint names in GPX-Files

When exporting a route to GPX (with option “waypoints” checked) the original names of the waypoints in the Web-GUI are getting replaced by “Wegpunkt 1…n”.
I would suggest that the original names from the Web-GUI are taken over in the GPX-files.
This post may be related to Names (and even colours) for waypoints

Thanks for letting us know. Yes, it is related. Both functions depend on each other. Once we allow naming waypoints, these names will be present in the exported file.

I am using :
Kurviger Pro 1.13.7
Android 7.0 (API 24)
asus P027
2048 x 1536 (320 dpi)

If I export a GPX using Route / Export / GPX (offline), there are no route point names in GPX.

The exported GPX:
TestName1.gpx (546 Bytes)
What is my mistake ( an other user told me, that there are route point names in his offline exports …).

Thanks and regards

(though this old topic refers to the website)

If you have a route in app (Beta), set names in waypoints and export the route with the “GPX (offline)” format, then the waypoint names should exist in both GPX “wpt” and “rtept” points.

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names are not set automatically - you have to type them in (“Bearbeiten”/“Edit”). Except you plan in WEB and export in .kurviger format then all waypoints have LAT/LON as name (don’t ask me why - but I appreciate it) and the APP (kurviger PRO 1.13.7) keeps the names, even for shaping points.

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Thanks for the hints - if I explicitly give names to the waypoints, they are in GPX.
In “online GPX” there are also names if no names explicitly given:
TestNameOnline.gpx (803 Bytes)
Regards Markus