Want to pay for Kuviger touring doesn't seem possible

Could not fetch the price from Paddle

More details might be helpful…

Somehow the Website does not Behave the Way I would expect it, what can I do? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

When I click on the middle option that I want to pay 9,99 on the right hand bottom of my screen I get the message Could not fetch te price from Paddle in a red box Then I am advised to go to the forum.

Did you try to clear your browser cache? Which system / which browser do you use?

I use Google Chrome and I cleaned my browser chache a couple of times. I still get the ‘Could not fetch the price from Paddle’ message.

Are there any extensions to the browser that might interfere with the process?

This really sounds to me like an AdBlocker or ScriptBlocker in your browser. Can you please check if you have one of those and disabling them? :slight_smile:


I use DuckDuckGo in Google Chrome but that normally doesn’t give any troubles with payments. So I shut off DuckDuckGo and then it still didn’t work.
After that I switched to Edge and everything worked and now I am a Kurviger Tourer.
Thank you for your assistance.


Ok that’s very cool, but we would still very much like to know if anything in our payment system is broken in Chrome :slight_smile: If you have a minute to help us out here, could you send your Chrome version and a list of your installed plugins in a direct message to @boldtrn please? If you have trouble collecting that information or need help writing a DM you can let me know and I’ll help you

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I collected the data but I couldn’t upload it to this screen.
Just had an update for Chrome.

You should be able to upload screenshots now :slight_smile:

This very much sounds like some “security browser plugin”. Adblock, Ghostery, etc. or maybe you are using a VPN? VPNs are known to create issues as well.

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I don’t use Norton nor the DuckDuckGo Extension, both of these might be blocking/interfering here. It would be interesting to see if you disable any of these, if it works then? Or if the issue also exists when using an incognito window in Chrome?

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With both DuckDuckGo an Norton switched off I have no problems at the moment but that is because the programm reconizes me as a user off Tourer.
The same in the incognito window.

You can try to log out, in incognito you should be logged out by default. If it works there, then it was probably related to one of these browser extensions.

If I go to Kurviger in the incognito mode the program wants me to login and I can login.

Ok I see, before the error existed before logging in right?

Yes I think so. Case closed?

From my side everything seems to be fine yes, thanks for providing further information on this :slight_smile:

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