Visibility offroad routes

Hello, is our possible to have a better view on the non paved roads? Now they are shown as sort of dotted lines but are very difficult to recognise on the map. It’s not that they are heavy dirt roads, just gravel and accessible by any kind of motorbike (if they don’t mind having a dirty bike afterwards :grinning:).

Hi, this is a very tricky feature request.

The way a road is shown is not the decision of kurviger, but the map style that you chose. Lots of mapping communities and companies around the world are thinking about this problem all the time, and there’s lots of things to think about. Is the road even legal to go on? Is it gravel or sand? Is it seasonal? Does it have a designation or did it just “appear”?

Kurviger itself, the algorithm that you are using here, is already trying its best to give you an appropriate experience for these roads. You can always help by editing OpenStreetMap, the underlying data material of kurviger, and making clear which roads are in what condition.

If you want to take more extreme measures, you could also create your own map style with the OSM data of course! Check out MapBox and other services

Is it about maps in app or website or both?
What specific map is loaded when view that?
Can you post some examples, website links or screenshots?

I can only set that kurviger leads me to some of the dotted roads but not all of them. So there must be a difference somewhere not? Would be good to have this visualized

I’m looking at the app. For example col de parpaillon environment. Some of the roads will be taken up in the routing but some not. Why?

Yeah exactly, in those cases you see the problems I mentioned in action. Some of those roads may be illegal to access with a motor vehicle for example.

If you’re curious, you can (in the browser website) always right-click on the road and select “open in OpenStreetMap” and check out the road and all its parameters.

If you think there’s a problem with the data and a road SHOULD be driveable (with proof, according to your knowledge) but isn’t, you can always change it in OSM or let us know here so somebody else can do so

Would it be possible to show the accessible roads in a full line instead of a dotted line?

The big advantage of vector maps in the app is that we can change easily anytime their rendering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually colored lines are more visible in rendering than patterns, unless need to show also the map below.

What do other users think about it?