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In the list of bookmarks you can perform different actions: go up, down, sort, go to, edit and delete but you can’t see the bookmark on the map and I think it would be a good idea.



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See also the manual:

Oops, I got used to using “set end” and had never noticed the “more …” option.
Sorry :frowning:
Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Perhaps that button should only scroll / zoom the map on the bookmark
and not automatically open its action dialog?

(context dialogs can always open with long press on the map elements)

A similar workflow also exists in the waypoint list.

When selecting a bookmark from the waypoints list I used that clicking the “goto” button was to set the origin or destination of the route and I thought that with the “ok” button I would show the marker on the map.
Now I’ve also seen that clicking “cancel” also shows the bookmark on the map.

When you know how it works you see it clearly, I don’t know how usability could be improved to better understand how it works.

OK button closes the dialog after all user actions in the list have been performed and stored.

Cancel button (or press back button or outside) just closes the dialog, canceling all actions.

Only the action button op_ap2_049c scrolls / zooms the map on the selected bookmark / waypoint.

Yes, clicking op_ap2_049c shows the map with the context menu and pressing “cancel” closes the menu and you can see the bookmarker with the map below … which is just what I want to see … and you save a couple of clicks. :wink: