Very wrong routing

I have started using Kurviger recently but the route indicated told me to follow the motorway for 40 miles and back (on the same motorway). Are any of the developers able to assist?

Hi Redamo, When you’re posting a problem here you should always include a link to your route so that we can check it easily. Can you please add one to your post?

In general: what you describe sounds like one of your waypoints was on the “wrong” side of a motorway (lanes are independent there) and so kurviger tried to go to that waypoints by going to the other side and then back again

But I cannot help anymore than that without a link


Hi Patrick,

If only you could point me to how to get the link it would be greatly appreciated. And no, I am not talking about being on the “wrong” side. I’ve started somewhere near Cardiff in Wales and set up a “fast and curvy” route to Swindon, Wiltshire which took me on the M4 (which is correct). However, what I have not realised until it was too late that it missed both exits 16 and 15 to Swindon and it was actually taking me further towards Reading (on the same M4) and then back (on M4). I was a bit tired after a whole day and, when it calculated the route I did not pay attention where exactly it takes me (until I’ve missed both those two exits). When I’ve look at it I understood that it actually wanted to take me further on the M4 without any reason.


Yeah of course! :slight_smile:
in the app:

On the website:


So könnte die Route aussehen. Auf die Schnelle kann ich keinen Fehler finden

So could look like the route. I can’t find a mistake in a hurry


Thanks Patrick. But how to export it from history?

Yes, that is how the route should have taken me. But instead it wanted to drive further away on the M4 to Reading and back on the same M4 which I’m trying to understand why. Maybe it was just a temporary route calculation mistake. I’ll be more careful next time and I’ll report it right away.

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Unfortunately there’s no history in Kurviger yet. If your app doesn’t show that route anymore then it’s lost to the ether

that happened to me once(not kurviger though) a sat nav “error”