Very good paper from Volker Koch : Basecamp.pdf!

Hello dear friends from Kurviger !..

I am a french BMW biker ! I love riding them and I had some different models since 1983 (R100RT, K75RT, 1100LT, R1150RT), and now I ride a new R1250GS Adventure … I love so Garmin (or BMW Nav 6) GPS units. So I used Google to translate the very good Basecamp tutorial “Basecamp.pdf” from Volker Koch. As I am also member of the french forum (, I’d like to push my translation on this french forum. So I’d be very pleased if someone could give an Email address I could use to join Mr Volker Koch to ask him if I am allowed to translate this tutorial in french language ?
Thanks a lot !..
Your sincerly

I searched and I got to this forum and possibly he was or is still active there. At least the keywords basecamp volker and schwoabebiker would fit. There is a support forum for guests, where a new thread is not published at once. Pethaps worth a try to ask there.

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Many thanks, Toffel :+1:
I found him thanks to Rumbrummer on this forum :+1: !.. Volker agrees to the publication of my French translation!..
Thanks a lot and best wishes for this new year !..
“Ride safe” :grinning:

Hi Phil,
perhaps you can supply the french translation also here (or a link to it in french forum) - there might be french users here speaking english but not so familar with german…
Thanks and regards

Hallo Markus,

You will find HERE a draft of the document (being proofread by 2 other members of the forum). I’ll send you the link to our forum when the final version will be there (but not sure you can see it without being a member?..)
Best regards.


Thanks for the file!
My idea was also to add a link to the help of, because currently there is only a german version:

Oh yes, that’s a good idea :+1: !..
May be an english version would be of interest, also ?

Yes, english would be also very interesting.