V1 Pro to 2 pro


I have a subscription for v1.Pro
I downloaded v2
How to transfer my suscription from old version to new one ?

I used the same google play account to download the two versions.

I renewed my suscription for v1.pro on 2022, May 6th
I’d like to use all features offered by v2 with no additional fees

Best regards

There was no subscription in the old Kurviger 1 Pro app (gray).

The subscription only exists in the new Kurviger 2 app (green).
To use the premium features in Kurviger 2, need to subscribe.

For more details please see the documentation:

In case you mean the website:

“Kurviger offers different premium subscriptions. For the Kurviger website there is Kurviger Tourer and for the Android app Kurviger Pro.”