Using Kurviger Pro and Computer


I have a version of Kurviger Pro, I wish to achieve several things and I did not find in the FAQ the answers …

Is it possible to have a version connected to his computer to see his personal journeys to his profile?

Can we save them not on his phone but on his computer to be able to find them easily and not clutter the memory of his phone?

Finally, I noticed a difference of about 50 m in altitude in supplement when I am towards an altitude of 1000 m can one calibrate the Altimeter function of Kurviger?

Thank you for your answers, I really like this GPS, really good for a motorcycle ride!


Saving your routes to your Computer is done the same way as with any other files e.g. Fotos.
You can use any standard file-manager.
You can configure the place where Kurviger is storing its files:
settings | application | export-folder

Since 1.9 you can even record your journeys.

The “altimeter” of Kurviger is just the elevation reported by the GPS chip.
There is nothing you can calibrate. GPS readings are inherently imprecise and dependent on the actual satellite positions, witch are changing rapidly. Even 10min may make a difference.



Thanks for your reply, and just for the first point, is it possible to have a personal profile on Kurviger website to see all the journeys in one view? And just selected for exemple, one past journey ?


Unfortunately no, not yet, but you can vote for it here to get more attention for it. And you can read a bit more about it here

I also really want that feature to happen


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