Using Kurviger on an old smartphone by offline maps, without simcard

Hello, I am a user of Kurviger pro. I use this on my motorbike

I have it installed on mij old S70 phone without simcard. It was easy because i could use the Wifi.
I also downloaded the off line maps. this works perfect to.

As backup I installed Kurviger on my smartphone with simcard. so i have it dubble.

The tour is been planning on the PC and exported it to the smartphone for the Bike.

Navigation works very well on the off line maps.

At some moment in the tour, i have to make another nieuw route. So I give the point of beginning and the point of ending in the kurviger app on my smartphone without simcard.

The system refused to make the route, because there is no Internet. TT and Garmin can doe this.

I manage this problem by thetering bluethoot to my smartphone with the simcard.

But I think, this is not the way it shoud be.

Any suggestion how I can work probably a new route on the phone, without Wifi.

Kind regards Ralph

You can use the offline routing (fastest route).

Please see the instructions in the offline routing guide.