Using a Garmin on shaped route and closed road


This is a bit off topic but I know there is much experience here to help me!

I recently planned and rode a 3 day tour in England and Wales. I plotted my routes then used the awesome shaping tool over at to make sure I stayed on my route. If you are interested here was my route after I finished:

The problem I had was using the BMW Motorad (I think it was gen V) Garmin when I hit a detour. When I would come upon a closed road, which was more often than expected, the Motorad/Garmin kept trying to route me back through the closed road!

I think there is some option in there to select the “next waypoint” or something similar but I could not figure it out on that rental computer. The other problem was knowing what was the current next waypoint so I could select something different.

The computer I have at home is a Garmin Zumo 595, which is also the core for the Motorad units.

Basically the question is this: How is the best way to handle a forced detour when navigating a shaped route “trip” on a Zumo based Garmin?

Thank you!

there are many discussions about that in several forums.
My favourite (based on BMW N5, similar to Zumo 590):