Useless navigation only to create corners?

Using the beta, I navigated in Berlin and stumbled across this (useless - but I don’t know if avoidable) flaw/nonsense. When leaving the end of the freeway 103, the direction to go is right. Even if only avoid freeways is selected, but the freeway is used anyways, instead of turning right after the traffic lights, that terminate the freeway, the app wants to extend the route and use four more traffic lights for a gain of three corners and create at least one or two more stops.

It would be helpful if you could share your route with us.
There are two ways to drive the B1 and it is not easy to find out what the problem is without knowing the details of the route / settings.

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Ok. If the option curvy is chosen, which is defaut, it will navigate this way. Useless, but probably a special case. Kurviger

This might solve the problem.
Choosing the strongest avoidance causes some problems in routing

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