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Use of Headings for links to documentation

If I enter a link to the documentation, I see the documentation heading in the preview. But after finishing the post, only the URL of the link is shown. I think, the heading should also be shown in the post.


Ahhh - I try to remove the querystring:

Also does not work :frowning_face:

If you look at your screenshot it shows an error for the docs, that it can’t generate a preview.

There is probably a technical reason, my guess is that the wiki software does not add open graph meta tags to the html, so the “preview” feature does not work properly.

Unfortunately I fear changing this is not easily possible as both the forum and the wiki use off the shelf software with minimal customization.

Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering: The forum detects the heading (shown in preview) - so I expected that the heading was shown in final post too (without hints concerning missing open graph meta tags).
If I insert a link to
the behaviour is the same (I did not add any open graph meta tags).

Yes, the wiki software doesn’t either :slight_smile: I guess that’s the problem.

The software is opensource