Use (live) traffic data


During my last long trip I tested once again my own behaviour of digital navigation.
And again I noticed, that I still combine Kurviger with (a) GMaps and (b) HERE.
Want to discuss both reasons here and in another topic.

In this topic: GMaps.


When and why do I use GMaps?

I use it, when I want to reach a destination as soon as possible and take German Highways or Motorways, to be prepared to traffic jams (which are nearly unavoidable at the present) and to receive alternative routes, which works pretty well in Germany after many experiences.

On other two lane roads it is usually easy to turn back on the street, but not on roads with middle lanes, and it can cost you MUCH time to be “arrested” in a jam as you know.

So I nearly never start a highway route without GMaps.


Is there ANY chance to make it possible to implement any of comparable features to Kurviger?
Or is it just a completely different methodical approach?

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No sorry, that’s not possible.

This is for three reasons:

  • Live traffic data is not available to us and most providers don’t sell this at all or for ridiculous amounts of money and usually with very strict license terms.
  • If we had live traffic data, it is extremely complicated to include this in a route planning system. Running live updates and still calculating routes fast enough is very hard.
  • This is low priority for a route planner that tries to avoid motorways and essentially most places where traffic jams happen.

Also see the discussion in the old forum

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Remembered this - had just a small hope that situation could have changed.

Expexcted this reply and understand completely - was just another trial … :wink:

THX! :+1:t4:

No worries :slight_smile:.

I will keep this topic open, if someone has an idea what could be done, feel free to post it here :+1:

Just found this here

For me it would be sufficient when Kurviger would show the traffic on its map. No need to recalculate the route based on this data

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Die TomTom Daten sind mit Abstand das Beste, was man derzeit bekommen kann. Auch die BMW Connected App nutzt die TT Verkehrsdaten.

Eine Integration in Kurviger wäre sehr zu begrüßen, denn dann müsste man nicht die Routen in TomTom Mydrive importieren, um nach Sperrungen usw. zu suchen.

Eine Darstellung in der App und Web könnte ich mir auch gegen eine Gebühr vorstellen.

Für denn Alltag nutze ich TomTom Go und für das Abfahren von geplanten Routen Kurviger.

Since I use kurviger almost exclusively when riding my motorcycle, I’m not interested in traffic data. The routes I drive rarely show up in this data.

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I am definitely not for using live traffic data. I consider it very expensive and - at least for me personally - unnecessary.

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Is it free to use? Is it compatible with OpenStreetMap road network?

Adding more paid services, especially to the app, is not the best idea.
Instead, the costs of the app must be reduced to make it sustainable.

External services could only work if users subscribe and pay for them.
Then they enter their own api keys of each service in the app for use.

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While it might be technically possible to show TomTom data as an overlay, it definitly would cost money
I would not want to pay extra money for that in the Kurviger motorcycle app.

TomTom forum seems to use the same forum-software as our forum :slight_smile:

Die möglichkeit Verkahrsdaten in die Routenplanung einzubeziehen ist nicht zu unterschätzen. ich stand schon oft genung vor Sperrungen die ich nicht durchfahren konnte.

Ein Beispiel sieht man auf den Bilden:

Laut Kurviger und OSM ist die Abfahrt von der BAB 7 möglich

Laut TomTom ist die Straße gesperrt und man muss über die nächste BAB Ausfahrt ausweichen

Solche Störungen sind sehr nervig und sind vermeidbar, wenn man die Daten hat.

This topic is about (live) traffic (like in Google Maps),
not blocked roads (which exist in OpenStreetMap).

Please create a new topic to report incorrect routing.


Das sind doch Live Daten. Live Daten sind nicht nur aktuelle Staus sondern auch Tagsesbaustellen und kurzfristige spontane Sperrungen (z.B. Radrennen). Live ist aus meiner Sicht alles das was nicht fest ist und sich im Status flexibel ändern kann.

Eine Anzeige von Live-Verkehr, gesperrte Straßen in Kurviger wäre sehr hilfreich,
auf die Anzeige OSM Störungen kann man sich nicht verlassen.

TomTom Go & TomTom MyDrive für 10€ macht es vor,
leider kann TT Go Kurviger nicht das Wasser reichen.

@devemux86 since Kurviger has a subscription model now, would you give the TomTom API a chance?

I’ve seen there is a “Freemium” plan, which I think would be enough for testing.

Extra paid services will increase the price of the (low priced) subscriptions.

Or will be offered as additional subscriptions.

Would not be a problem for me, I think live traffic is necessary and should be included.
If it’s working I would pay for an additional subscription

A question for those who request live traffic data, purely out of interest. What does your driving profile look like, or do you need it mainly for (large) cities and/or motorways? Since I usually only drive on country roads and always deal well with the traffic, I don’t see any benefit for my driving profile. But of course it can look completely different with a different driving profile.


Most of the time I’ll ride on country roads too.

But it’s exactly the moment when I’m riding on a highway or in a city - there is much traffic and nothing tells me which roads I should use and which one I should avoid. So mostly I’m taking the wrong one and have to deal with it.


Yeah totally agree with you, most of the times it won’t be needed. But I can also 100% see the other side of this, it has happened so many times the google maps backup has saved my ass when I eventually had to cross Genova on the way to Cinque Terre or something like that. Road blocks and traffic can happen even on the most beautiful tours, at least here in europe. Maybe western US or Australia doesn’t have that problem :smiley:

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